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Microsoft envisions the future of computing through n/fek/tious

From Microsoft's own lips: "How could emerging technologies transform the way we get things done 5-10 years in the future? Watch Kat, a young independent marine biologist, and Lola, a corporate executive, work together in a highly interconnected and information rich future."


18 months of planning, sketching, filming, designing, editing, animating, redesigning, scoring, and finally launching!

Watch how Microsoft envisions people get things done in a highly inter-connected and information rich future on their own site here.

Wexley School for Girls taps n/fek/tious to bring

Seattle's Sounders FC to life in FULL 9-D!!!

When Seattle's Wexley School for Girls wanted to present Seattle Sounders FC season ticket holders with a unique experience to entice them to renew for 2013, they hit upon a fun and entertaining way to grab their attention.

Using 3-D sterescopic footage of some favorite Sounders players integrated with 3-D graphics and presented on a interactive website, Wexley is giving new meaning to the FULL 90, namely the FULL 9-D!!!

n/fek/tious' Jack Barrett directed the live action shoot. Troy Murison edited and integrated 3-D graphics. 3-D stereoscopic and 2-D versions of 4 videos plus a open sequence were delivered. See the full campaign at:

Cyan/magenta glasses are required to view the 3-D content in FULL 9-D!!!  or you may feel like you're going cross-eyed!


View this  strain as well as other  n/fek/tious content on our work page.

Meanwhile, enjoy these behind the scenes images and video clip. We had a blast working with Wexley and the Sounders and hope to do another 3-D stereo shoot in the future!

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